Matthew J. Lewan, Esq.: Family Law And Divorce Representation

Straightforward Divorce And Family Law Representation

I am an attorney and sole practitioner at my Fairfield, California office. As a family law attorney, my goal is to help my clients move through their divorce and other family law issues as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whether going through a complex divorce or legal separation or protecting your parent-child relationship during child support and custody proceedings, I will provide you with the resources and representation to protect your rights and interests.

An Experienced Lawyer Helping To Set Realistic Expectations

Having worked with numerous clients facing all types of family law issues, I understand that there is no prescriptive formula to resolving a divorce or another family law dispute. That is why I work directly with my clients, take the time to understand their unique goals, and provide them with options to either find a resolution through settlement negotiations, or if necessary, litigation.

Responsive, Attentive And Committed To Your Long-Term Goals

To discuss your options, contact me, and schedule an appointment at my Fairfield, California office. I work with clients throughout Northern California, including military families stationed at Travis Air Force Base, as well as out-of-state clients.

You can reach me at 707-386-1079 or by submitting an email by completing an online contact form.